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La Mer Beach House

Laid-Back Homestay Styled Hotel On A Beach

Revdanda, Alibaug
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
La Mer is a humble beach house with 9 rooms. It is the perfect place to enjoy the simple pleasures of the Konkan belt. It is a hideout tucked away from the commercial places in Alibaug or Kashid. They at Mystique Escapes try to discover a place that's well beyond the standard tourist trail. Championing local culture, heritage and keeping the local community at heart, they offer an up-close view on local living, encouraging you to explore local delicacies and discover new experiences. So, forget show more

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A Beach Symphony

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La Mer Beach
It's an ideal stay for those who want to simply be at peace.
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Cute Accommodation
While these rooms may run short on luxury, but the comfort and warmth are in abundance.
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Beachfront Property
All of which adds more charm and comfort to your stay!
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The vegetarian thali is equally delicious with mouth-watering desserts.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay at the La Mer Beach House that offers a rustic and comfortable staying experience with a heavy influence of Goan Hospitality.
  • The beach house offers you the perfect blend of coastal paradise and comfort stay ambience.
  • While you enjoy the serenity, don’t leave any opportunity to treat your stomach!

Where is this?

  • Revdanada - Besides its calm beaches and lush green roads, the coastal belt is a famous route among travellers for its local cuisine and appetizers.
  • Rameshwar Mandir a very ancient temple of Lord Shiva completing 275 years - 3.3 Km
  • Datta Temple is situated at the top of the peak with almost 1500 steep stairs to be climbed to reach there - 4.6 Km.

With whom?

  • It's a petite beach house with only 9 units available, so the experience is mostly exclusive.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.

Things to remember

  • Meals and other services come at an additional charge.

Something unique

The resort shares a part of its boundary with the Revdanda Fort and has direct access to the Revdanda beach giving you a very exclusive feeling.

Tips from insiders

  • In the morning, a 50-meter walk is enough to be at the beach.
  • In the evening, a 150-meter walk is enough to be at the beach.