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Lans Castle

Elegance Nestled In Frills

Lansdowne, Nainital
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This boutique hotel is emplaced on the vivacious peaks of Deriyakhal slopes, making it the hub of some of the spectacular views you can find in this area. Escape away from the helter-skelter of the busy city life and immerse yourself in the tremendous positivity this place has. You will be never disappointed by the graceful ambience of this chic property. Just tread to the coffee shop of this hotel, grab a cup of coffee and let your soul sink into the serenity of this place!

A photo walkthrough

Epitome Of Serenity

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Idyllic Edifice
Perched on the pristine Deriyakhal slopes of Uttarakhand, this hotel is the perfect example of a destination where you will find perfection conjugated in elegance.
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Grandiosely Chic
Nothing can beat relaxing with grace and being surrounded by stunning views! At Lans Castle, you will find the best views of the valley along with all your luxuries served immaculately.
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Delicious Cravings
The restaurant will be your favourite place to be in this hotel. Sit with your family and enjoy the sumptuous meal along with some gossips and peals of laughter :)

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Set yourself apart from the blusters of daily life in this placid hotel.
  • The perfect balance of scenic beauty and personal comfort, all is wrapped up as a single package.
  • A perfect getaway with all kinds of modern amenities provided.
  • A memorable holiday along with assured hospitality.

Where is this?

  • Let your eyes wander off as you spectate the breathtaking views around this hotel.
  • Come fall in love with the terrific mountain ranges of Lansdowne.
  • Trek to Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple as you divulge into the serendipity of the area.
  • Take a walk down the roads of history in Darwan Singh Museum nearby to the hotel.

With whom?

  • You will have your own room, so enjoy as you stay here!

You get

  • Free parking is available at the premises.
  • Health-freaks can access gym anytime they want to.
  • Take a shot at billiards as you stay here!
  • Roam around with the taxi service available by the hotel.

Things to remember

  • Airport pickup is chargeable.
  • Laundry services are also excluded.

Something unique

Ensconced on the beautiful peaks of Himalayas, this hotel will surely make you fall in love with its enchanting simplicity.

Tips from insiders

  • A boutique hotel encompassed with scenic beauty.
  • Revitalise in the arms of Himalayas.
  • Enticing and comfortable stay in a serene place.