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LivingStone Ojuven Resort

Treehouse Accommodation Nestled In The Forests

Kotkhai, Shimla
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
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50% refund on cancellingbefore 1 days
Ever dreamt of living in a treehouse just like those that our eyes fantasize? Not everyone but some do dream of staying in tree houses not because they want to but because they want to experience the vibe of nature within their heart and soul! Now, let this dream be a reality that you’ll definitely get to live in with them! No more fantasizing or getting into fiction because staying in tree houses is just not beautiful but also mesmerizing at the same time. The area is widespread and you will be show more

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LivingStone Ojuven Resort

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LivingStone Ojuven Resort
Experience living amidst the magnificent forests of Himachal Pradesh with your friends or family.
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You can go on with the adventure activities which are provided free of charge. Activities offered include Bamboo Bridge, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Flying Fox, Hanging Bridge, Rappelling, Traversing, and Valley Crossing.
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The in-house restaurant serves delicious authentic food cooked by experienced cooks.
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The rooms at the property are fitted with basic amenities and offer a mesmerizing view of the peaks.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Experience living in the lap of nature completed with various outdoor activities and amazing local food.

Where is this?

  • The property is located in Kotkhai, Shimla. Nearby attractions include Nera Ghati, Naga Devta Temple, and Nava Peak.

Something unique

LivingStone is an experience-oriented stay provider. Their aim is to provide the travelers with a place to unwind and rewind at virgin and tranquil locations which are specifically curated by their experienced team.

Tips from insiders

  • Himachali Rasoi is a renowned eatery in the town famous for its local cuisine.