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Lotus Sutra

Serene Beachside Cottages

Arambol, Goa
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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BasicEconomical options for the backpacker
As the name suggests, the Lotus Sutra brings you to experience real freedom of life. Restore yourself with beautiful surroundings, the pleasant sound of sea-shores, cool breeze and the scenic view of Arabian Sea waves.

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Unwind and Recharge

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The rooms are spacious and comfortable and are in keeping with the intimate and tranquil atmosphere of the resort, with a relaxing ambience & decor. These rooms are facing towards the sea. Located in front of the secluded Arambol beach, it is ideal for honeymooners or for those who are in search of tranquility.
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Ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner to fresh sea food and live barbeque, you can get the taste of multicuisine, continental as well as authentic Goan food. And of course the MUSIC!!!
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Take a dip in the pool on days you prefer to stay in. The pool is ideal for a relaxing swim after a long day of exploring Goa.
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Yoga Center
Peaceful yoga rooms will help this stay make you feel more at peace with yourself.
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Adventure Center
The ultimate party destination for all your occasions catering to various adventures on the water including accommodation, cruises, and light water sports, giving the best experience to guests.

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Unleash your sense of adventure, unwind at the beach, and experience much more than just Goa!

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  • There is an incredibly diverse range of aqua activities provided by the hotel ranging from supremely relaxing to outrageously thrilling activities.