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Meraki Wooden Cottage

Cottage offering supreme luxury

Satoli, Nainital
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Located at the reasonable distance from Nainital and Mukteshwar, this beautiful cottage is tucked away in the scenic surroundings of the Woodhouse Farm. As you start walking from the main gate of the property towards your cottage, you will witness the magic unfolding with each of your steps. The lofty orchards of apricots, peach, and plum surround the cottage and allow you to leave behind the chaos and monotony of your regular lifestyle and step into a world of wonders. The panoramic views of sn show more

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Explore Nature In A Opulent Setting

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Heavenly Setting
The cottage is well surrounded by fruit orchards, vegetable plantations, and lofty hills. The exciting part is you can pluck yourself a fruit or two as you enjoy your strolls around the cottage.
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Optimum Elegance
The rooms of the cottage are elegantly designed to highlight opulence and to render vibrant views of beautiful surroundings. Also, the interiors of the rooms blend well with the rustic surroundings.
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Inviting Space
Besides the bedrooms, the cottage accommodates a mini kitchenette and a private dining area. What further adds to the charm is the lush green surroundings of the cottage.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Grab a rare opportunity to stay in the serene lap of nature.
  • Wake up to the refreshing views of mountains and pleasantly settle down all your senses.
  • At Meraki, you are offered with a dreamy chance to become one with nature.

Where is this?

  • Take a walk to the nearby Satoli village and explore the rustic life of the hills as it occurs.
  • To unwind and soak in the serendipity of the surroundings head to waterfall or walk down to the Chatola stream.
  • Indulge in birdwatching as the Woodhouse farm is home to diverse species of birds.

With whom?

  • You can book the entire cottage, with access to the common facilities.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • All meals are covered.

Things to remember

  • Bonfire can be arranged at an additional charge.
  • They offer many add-on experiences at the place.

Something unique

This super charming and super comfy cottage leaves you mesmerized with its distinctive charm.

Tips from insiders

  • All rooms of the cottage have a large ceiling to floor glass window offering exuberant views of majestic Himalayas.
  • The cottages are located in the midst of gorgeous farm called 'The Woodhouse Farm' and offers lush, green surroundings.
  • The cottage provides a mini kitchenette and a private dining area.