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Mystic Village

Cultural Living With A Himachali Community

Khajjiar Lake , Khajjiar
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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It is a place where the only thing you see is nature and only nature, where life is rustic and poised away from modernity. At ‘Mystic Village’, you will witness the real colours and beauty of each season from summers to winters. In winters the whole village is covered with white snow, in monsoons, the village is embellished with clouds, fog and a whole spell of green everywhere and summers are completely windy and soothing. ‘Mystic Village’ is not a Homestay in the traditional sense; it is more show more

A photo walkthrough

An Ethnic Tryst

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Mystic Village
This community stay tradition is a very crucial element in hosting their guests as this system provides financial support to each household when the guests live at different houses of the village during their stay.
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Village Specifics
'Mystic village’ is a personal invitation to live in 200 years old mud houses sitting on a mountain top giving you 360-degree bird’s eye view of Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary on your east and Dalhousie on your west.
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Property Specifics
There are two special cottages specially handcrafted for you which add more design elements complementing the interiors of the rooms. From the handcrafted lights to the paintings on the walls, everything speaks of rich art and culture of ‘Gaddi” community. And what’s special of all these houses is that each house has a beautiful balcony opening up to pristine natural surroundings where nature's peace flows into you as sunshine flows into trees.
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Things To Do
You can even interact with warm and humble villagers, visit the local school of the community which is the only school in the area, volunteer and teach the students, share your different experiences with them etc
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Homely Meals
They prepare food on their traditional “chullahs” (stove) and cook it on wood fire which adds more scrumptious flavours to each meal. Don’t forget everything is straight from their own farms.
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Community Village
He started this so that he doesn't need to go away from his family for bread and butter for his family.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay with the Gaddi community of Himachal.
  • Start your day with a beautiful sunrise and accompany one of the villagers to a hike for cattle grazing, help in milking the cows, indulge in farming activities or just slow down a bit and just experience the typical village scene you once dreamt of.
  • And how enchanting it would be, to end your day with a beautiful sunset from a mountain top while the strong breeze kissing your face?

Where is this?

  • Nestled on a height of 2100 meters and on 2 km trek from Khajjiar, you walk through Deodar trees and inhale panoramic views of Khajjiar.
  • As it is one of the remote destinations of India, therefore, GPS won’t be of any help in finding the village.

With whom?

  • You have 12 individual houses, and you're free to choose a room in any of the ones.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.

Things to remember

  • Meals are charged additionally.
  • Local village walks, multi-day treks, lessons on local herbs, paragliding, horse riding can be arranged for you.

Something unique

The entire village has been converted into a Homestay where one is free to choose in which house they wish to stay and where to eat!

Tips from insiders

  • The sunrise you experience from here is just breathtaking.
  • Don’t expect a luxury treatment, their raw and real life is what they have to offer you as a service.
  • Since the region is so isolated, you won’t be able to find much of phone signal or TV towers or the internet.
  • The villagers still wear their traditional “Gaddi attires”, which is somewhere lost in towns and cities of Himachal Pradesh and speak the “Gaddi” dialect.
  • For you to stargaze and embrace the wilderness, they have luxury tents as well, where you can spend the night under the sky.
  • Being on the mountain top, where the sun rises at 6 AM and a usual day starts at 5 am.