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New Jacquline Heritage Houseboats

A Pristine Accommodation Snuggled In Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake, Srinagar
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
The New Jacquline Heritage Houseboats are moored on the Tranquil Nageen Lake west. Life on a houseboat offers you home comfort, modern amenities, and your very own staff to cook delicious meals for you. The local vendors, gliding by in their shikaras, provide a floating market of fruit and flowers: an experience not to be missed. The New Jacquline Heritage Houseboats are moored on the serene Nigeen lake abashed with Flower Gardens, Seven.

A photo walkthrough

Decks, Docks, and Flip Flops

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Heritage Vibes
The houseboats are made up of ancient principles of traditional carpenters of natural coir for tightening all roofs and it’s become looks like beautiful traditional houses in the backwaters.
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Humble Hello
The rooms here will surprise you with their pretty wooden interiors and cozy beds. They feature a balcony allowing you to enjoy cascading views of nature.
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Craving Hours!
You can take pleasure in romantic dinners that can be arranged for you and you're beloved. Or throw your birthday party on the boat and make some unforgettable memories.
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Cherry Space!
Grab yourself a book, a drink, and enjoy a peaceful time gazing at the panoramic views of the Lake. The architecture of the living room is lively designed with a royal touch.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • It offers travel assistance, in-room dining, and gears for trekking and skiing.
  • Given its serene location and value for money services, it is a perfect retreat for leisure travelers.
  • Freshly prepared homemade food is served at the houseboats through room service.

Where is this?

  • These houseboats are within a short distance from Lal Bazar and Molvi Bus Stop.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous views, sunsets of Nigeen Lake sitting at houseboats.
  • Drive to Shalimar Garden known as Abode Of Love with your partner.

Something unique

The northernmost state of the Indian mainland is rightly called "Paradise on Earth". It is Home to unparalleled virgin landscapes.

Tips from insiders

  • You can enjoy different water sports available here.
  • You can also indulge in a fishing experience with your friends & family.
  • Have a fun Skiing experience to add thrill to your holiday.