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Northern Greens

3-BHK Villa With Country-Side Feels

Manesar, Gurgaon
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
A breath of fresh air in a city like Gurgaon is your lucky number being turned up on the jackpot. Northern Greens is a sustainable 3-BHK villa boasting of rustic decor, bricked walls, poolside fun and a gazebo surrounded by the richness of beautiful greenery. Nature's paradise, that too left untouched has a healing characteristic to soothe the rushed brain of yours. Perhaps a drink or two by the poolside while your kids are busy playing in the big lawn is everything.

A photo walkthrough

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Northern Greens
You have an acre of lawn, a swimming pool, a gazebo, a poolside bar area too!
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Swimming Pool
There is a proper bar area set up to get that party like vibe with a music system.
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Quaint Style
With some godly embellishments, you feel that you've traversed into the land of Gods.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Roister an overnight stay in this untouched gift of nature.
  • Soak up in the bathtub or enjoy a swim in the pool.
  • Gang-up and play outdoor sports in the manicured lawns and gardens.
  • Adore the rustic and brick walls of the property, that have a charm of its own.

Where is this?

  • Your dreamy property is just 21 Km away from Farukh Nagar Fort.
  • You're cornered by fruit trees on all sides.
  • Now that you've covered the distance, go the extra mile to see Kingdom of Dreams, Damdama Lake & Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.
  • An acre of lawn with a gazebo is plenty for any sort of recreational activity.

With whom?

  • Once booked, enjoy every piece of this villa is under your command.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • Breakfast is served.

Things to remember

  • For those thrilling bonfire, and bbq(ed) delicacies, there's an extra charge.
  • To avail of the laundry, you have to pay additionally.
  • In-house meals can be offered at an additional charge.

Something unique

With a greenhouse on the property, the Ganpati Farms try to promote a sustainable way of living.

Tips from insiders

  • Just a reminder, that the staff accommodation is free of cost here.