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One Earth Royale

Hotel Befitting The Queen Of Hills

Landour, Mussoorie
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
A 4-star hotel, living up to its name by providing world-class comfort and luxuries in an affordable price range. For those who find it hard to shell out enough money for a vacation but still aspire to lay off in a good resort on a holiday, One Earth Royale Boutique Hotel is perfect for them. From astounding views to plenty to do both inside and outside this property covers all aspects of a perfect holiday.

A photo walkthrough

Mountaineer's Orenda

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Jocund Of Retreating
Lit up beautifully and perched on the pristine mountain peaks of Himalayas is this delicate and boutique hotel. This hotel continues to enthral its customers with its charm and beauty.
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A Woody Abode
The rooms have contemporary wooden architecture as you would find in typical mountain cultures. The rooms are spacious and commodious for all its guests.
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Jim-Dandy Edifice
The hotel is built with intricate details and keeps all the standards of ambience maintained. Sit outside and let the calming breeze brush past you and take away all your worries.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The stay will be in a grand and lavish boutique hotel, overlooking a valley. Guaranteed comfort and pleasant holiday are a plus about this place as well as the whole experience here.
  • Have fun barbecuing and enjoying outdoor experiences.

Where is this?

  • Set on the hillside, the hotel peeks over a valley, thus the beautiful pristine views

With whom?

  • Pick a room and enjoy an undisturbed stay, securing your privacy.

You get

  • Secured Parking space for your vehicle.
  • You can enjoy a game of badminton or golf as you please.
  • A separate Games Room for some fun indoors.
  • Breakfast is on the house.

Things to remember

  • The laundry services are available at the cost of a slight fee.
  • The BBQ Facilities are not covered in the package.

Something unique

A grand hotel with low budget pricing.

Tips from insiders

  • Cafe Ivy and Little Lama can be visited for delicious food.
  • The Mall Road Market is full of energy and excitement all day long.