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Paatlidun Safari Lodge

Luxurious And Sensory Pleasure In The Jungleland

Mohan Village, Corbett
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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LuxuryExtreme luxury for people who want extra
This wildlife Luxury property captures the essence of unearthed Nature, weaves it with Kumaoni hospitality and brings you the plushest retreat that one encounter in the untamed wilderness. The property is in close proximity as it gets to the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The property is located at the edge of the Park and is frequently visited by tuskers at night and wild boars who like to dig up the grounds to unearth the treasure for you.

A photo walkthrough

Tribal Trip

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The property offers an open-air pool where you get to bathe in the sky full of stars, Count whether your love is more or stars.
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Tranquil Lunch
The property offers an exotic and private dining option amidst the greenery of Corbett where you get the extra freshness of surrounding and mountain view.
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You get to have a bath beside glittery stars that adds to the showering option. Get soaked up in the freshness of wild wild country.
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Open-air Sleep
Get a cozy sleep in the roof along with shivering snow and twinkling stars, wake up around the dew acting as a diamond over grass.
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Sumptuous Rooms
The property offers spacious rooms crafted in the tribal culture of the Kumaoni people. Get the best modern services inside your den and don't forget to Roar.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • here sensuality meets the untamed wilderness in extravagant Cottages that will indulge your every whims and fancy. The fence encloses the large poolside courtyard and gives you just the very right blend of privacy and the exotic wilds. Their enchanting, sky bed on the terrace has been specially created so that you get sleep under a star-studded night sky.

Where is this?

  • Get a view of shooting stars lighting up the core blackness above, hear the night sounds of the jungle, and shiver as a cool breeze ruffles your skin and gives goosebumps. The lodge is just 5 km from the Dhikala zone and 6 km away from the Durga Devi zone in Jim Corbett. The Pantnagar Airport is a 100 km drive away.

Something unique

Kumaoni hospitality and Jungle stay provides a unique experience of tribal living and cuisine.

Tips from insiders

  • Keep the DSLR for sure
  • Children would love the fairytale of Jungle