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Patan Mahal

An Epitome Of Elegance And Royalty

Pātan, Sikar
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Nestled in a valley formed by 3 hills, Patan Mahal rises in the distance at the end of the city. The palace is well-located with an unhindered birds-eye view of the 13th-century ancestral fort and another palace called Badal Mahal which stands loftily at an imposing 2000 ft above sea level. The period furniture showcases the skill and expertise of the Rajasthani artisan. Beautiful paintings on the wall and roofs have been carefully restored.

A photo walkthrough

"Padharo Mhare Des"

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A Palace
Patan Mahal is a Heritage Home, surrounded by its own farm on one side, an 800-year-old fort, and another palace halfway up a hill.
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Royal Suite
The beautifully appointed rooms at Patan Mahal reflect the royal heritage of Rajputana and the Patan Family. All the rooms have clean and well-designed bathrooms, with hot and cold running water and bathtubs.
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Traditional Rooms
Along the way, he took a conscious decision not to carve out more rooms and retained the old, large and airy rooms. The period furniture showcases the skill and expertise of the Rajasthani artisan.
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Swimming Pool
If you want to laze around and take a breather from your hectic city schedule, the swimming pool area is the ideal location for you. Spend hours on the deck chairs and let the warmth of the sun soak in or take a refreshing dip in the pool to relax your senses.
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The 800-year-old fort on the hill is a strenuous trek, and the ruins of the Badal Mahal palace are the perfect place to enjoy a quiet lunch. The farming area of the house is full of surprises for the nature lover.
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Explore The Unexplored
You can find Rajasthani men and women busy making bangles or beautiful pots in the village. The temple also adds to the serenity of the existing ambiance where one can spend a few spiritual moments on their own.

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About the stay

  • Patan Mahal is a heritage hotel with 18 rooms built in a way that portrays ancient history along with contemporary designs.
  • It is an ideal place for weekend getaways, conferences, company offsites, family get-togethers, Birthday and Anniversary celebrations.
  • The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves the best authentic Rajasthani Food in Jaipur and is regarded as the best place to eat in Jaipur.

Where is this?

  • Patan Mahal offers a wide variety of services & facilities to take the pain out of traveling and to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.

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    Something unique

    In the 12th century, it became the center of a minor state called Tanwarawati or Torawati (after Tanwar/Tomar the clan name) ruled by the Tomara clan.

    Tips from insiders

    • Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful lawns, and intricately designed interiors, Patan Mahal is a 12th-century property located in Jaipur.
    • At Patan Mahal, you can enjoy activities like a trek to the fort and a village walk.
    • Other facilities offered at the property include a shared lounge and luggage storage.