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Pench Tree Lodge

Exquisite Forest Stay In A Tree House & Cottages

Kurai, Pench
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Pench Tree Lodge welcomes you to an exquisite forest experience like never before. Snuggled in forty acres of wilderness, in a small tribal hamlet of Sarahiri the accommodations are embellished with unique safari-style furniture and exquisite local crafts. They keep the carbon footprint to the bare minimum, offering the discerning traveller an intimate experience with twelve elegant tree houses and cottages. Your luxurious abode in the jungle includes 6 spacious cottages on the ground and 6 tree show more

A photo walkthrough

The Land Of Mowgli Beckons!

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Pench Tree Lodge
Pench Tiger Reserve is spread across 1,180sq km, including a buffer zone of 768sq km. There are three gates to the park, namely the Turia Gate, the Karmajhiri Gate and the Jamatra Gate. The park has 39 recorded species of mammals, 210 species of migrant and resident birds and estimated 30 species of reptiles. The park is known for good sightings of Tiger, Wild Dogs, Jackals and many other mammals & birds.
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Aesthetic Indeed
Large French windows allow for an uninterrupted view of the deciduous forest and grassland and let you observe the multitude of birds, butterflies and the wild animals at the lodge. Each of the treehouses is at a significant distance from each other.
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Night Trail
Night trail is a unique experience in its own where you can spot the nocturnal wildlife such as Civets, Owls and more.
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Organic Garden
They will be happy to have you participate in the daily farming and gardening activities that happen on the small farm.
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Village Walks & Bazaars
You can have your fill of indigenous crafts and products of the area and more likely than not, get invited to visit a villager's home to share a cup of tea.
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Jeep Safari
The timings tend to vary in winters. The guests are provided with an experienced naturalist and a driver to accompany and enhance their safari experience.
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Nature Trails & Cycling
You can join the resident naturalists for interesting Nature trails, on foot or on a bicycle in and around the lodge.
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Dining By The Damn
You can join the birds and animals at the watering hole for your meal.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Curl up with a book in bed, or watch the unhindered views unfold in our sprawling verandahs.
  • Choose from a host of adventures and activities - cycling, night trails, village walks and more. Cool your heels in the pool.
  • Savour the lip-smacking local cuisine; ingredients of which are also sourced from the very own organic garden.

Where is this?

  • Your forest lodge is a true example of premium living in the wilderness - apart from the staff, only the animals say hello to you!
  • Pench National Park is a wild playground harbouring country's maximum density of prey animals, chased by an estimated 65 Tigers.
  • Pench National Park can be accessed by the Karamajhiri gate which is just about 20 minutes from our serene setting.

With whom?

  • You'll have an independent unit at the lodge, with access to common facilities.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • All three meals are covered.

Things to remember

  • You can opt for multiple experiences and activities at an additional charge - refer to the images.

Something unique

The lodge is a premium staying experience where you have artfully crafted accommodations with open views that overlook the lush flora and fauna.

Tips from insiders

  • They have kept copies of the book and the movies at the lodge that'll tell you in detail about the Pench National Park.
  • It's a sure-shot recommendation to try out their Night Trail experience.