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Pugdundee Safaris Denwa Backwater Escape

A Mesmerizing Stay Into The Wilderness

Madhai, Pachmarhi
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Built on Denwa River in Satpura National Park lies this beautiful property called Denwa Backwater Escape. This property features accommodations in treehouses & cottages designed to keep in mind the contemporary safari style. This resort also features an eco-friendly swimming pool, in-house restaurants, and a lot of wildlife-related experiences. Apart from that, this property offers stunning views of the Denwa River & lush green views of the Pachmarhi hills. This lodge is best suited for families show more

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An Idyllic Getaway

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Stunning Stays
This property offers some of the most stunning & unique places to stay such as wooden cottages & treehouses! If you are a nature or wildlife lover, then this is the place where you should be. All the rooms at this property are very well kept, spacious & offer an amazing view of nature around.
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In-House Restaurant
Enjoy a lovely meal at the property's restaurant which overlooks the Denwa river & offers some surreal views! The restaurant offers a wide range of Indian, continental, and local cuisine options for its guests.
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Night Safari
Indulge in a thrilling night safari activity & get to visit the buffer zones of the national park- Sehra and Parsapani. During your night safari, you'll be able to spot fauna like leopards, sloth bears, and more.
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Cycle Around
This is one of the most amazing activities that this property offers. Guests can cycle through the forests and the hills & experience some thrill on their vacation at this lodge!
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Surreal Sunsets
One of the easiest & nicest things one can do is to chase sunsets! Catch some of the beautiful views of the sunset by the river & soak yourself into the beauty of nature for a while.
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This property offers a very unique tailor-made activity for its less adventurous guests, that is a walking safari trail with exclusive overnight camping facilities at Camp Jamani Dev. So, come & be a part of this unique experience.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • This is a stay situated amidst lush green forests & nature. Guests here can indulge themselves in various wildlife or nature-related activities such as cycling, boating, nature walks, and night safaris.

Where is this?

  • This stay is located on the backwaters of a dam built on the Denwa River in Satpura National Park. This national park is located in a popular area called Madhai in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. This place offers some of the best views of the jungle, river & the Pachmarhi hills around. Guests are free to explore all the wildlife-related experiences in & around the property.

Something unique

This property is unique because of its natural surroundings which offer a unique undulating landscape, water bodies, indigenous forest with a variety of flora and fauna, and stunning river views. This is a paradise for all nature lovers.

Tips from insiders

  • This property is built right next to the Satpura National Park on 10 acres of forested land along the river.
  • The National Park remains closed on Wednesday afternoons and occasions like Holi & Diwali.
  • Guests here can indulge in a lot of experiences such as a Boat Safari, Night Safari, Village Safaris, and more on a chargeable basis.
  • This property also provides an experienced team of in-house English-speaking naturalists.