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Rann Utsav

Luxurious Tent Accommodation In Kutch

Secret Location, Kutch
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Gujarat is a state on the western coast of India with a coastline of 1,600 km – most of which lies on the Kathiawar peninsula. Rann Utsav is an awesome festival in Kutch, Gujarat, India. It is a Carnival of Music, Dance, nature beauty of White Rann, and much more than that when visiting under the full Moon. Kutch Rann Utsav is the shimmering landscape that gives the enchanting moments of this Fest, which feels like Heaven On Earth during Festival Time. In fact, it’s a Family holiday destination show more

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What Your Stay Looks Like

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Rann Utsav
It is a Carnival of Music, Dance, nature beauty of White Rann, and much more than that when visiting under the full Moon.
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There are three variants of tents available from which you may choose as per your affordability and need.
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Engage in adventure activities like camel rides and paramotoring. You can also calm yourselves through Yoga and Meditation organized here.
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The View
Experience the beauty of the salt marshes yourself.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • You can enjoy adventure activities including camel rides, ATV rides, and even paramotoring.
  • You can also indulge in peaceful activities including Yoga and meditation.
  • Cultural performances, Art Explorations, and Handicraft Bazaars can also be enjoyed to get to know more about the heritage and culture of Gujarat.

Where is this?

  • Visit Luni which is the largest river in the Thar Desert of northwest India; which starts in Pushkar and ends in the marshy lands of KutchVisit.
  • Hodka Village is an off-beat gem that shares its boundary with Pakistan.
  • You can also visit many other Historical Sites, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Museums, Palaces, etc.

With whom?

  • You'll have an independent tent at the hotel with access to common facilities.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • Breakfast is covered.

Things to remember

  • Lunch and Dinner are not included in the cost.
  • Staff accommodation is not available.
  • Laundry and ironing services are chargeable.

Something unique

Experience living in tents amidst the charm of the traditional festival.

Tips from insiders

  • Hot Green Rock restaurant serves scrumptious food and is a must-visit.
  • Do not miss out on the Yoga sessions organized by the host.