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Saguna Baug

Frolic At The Rustic & Quaint Agro-Farm Resort

Malegaon, Karjat
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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BasicEconomical options for the backpacker
Saguna Baug is a very basic and new concept of Agro-farm tourism. The agricultural farm provides you real-life insight into the rural life of the farmers and workers. With very basic concepts of living, you have muddy cottages with thatched roofs, rowhouses; all in all, a down to earth lifestyle living. While they may sound a bit nerving for a leisure traveller, don't forget the enormity of this place and the sheer number of activities that can be done here. From a simple Agro Tour to Fox-Line z show more

A photo walkthrough

Getaway To The Fields

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Saguna Baug
It is situated in the mesmerizing foothills of Matheran on a riverside.
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Basic Yet Fulfilling
Before booking, please be ready with the thought that it is as basic as it can get, no premium amenities or services will be provided here.
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Fox-Line Zipping
A wild spot to quench your thrill while hovering in the stay above the green fields of Saguna Baug.
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Paddle through the water for a great workout or just beat the heat and relax.
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Bullock-Cart Ride
A long lost mode of commuting can be relieved here with friendly bulls named Raja. There are plenty and plenty of other fun and recreational things to do here!

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Spend your day in this quaint agro-resort.
  • Get together in a single room with your friends or book a cottage set in the lake, the choice lies with you.
  • Learn about the innovating farming techniques that keep the business going.
  • Water Buffalo Ride, Kayaking, Fox-Line Zipping, Bird-Watching, Cycle Tour, Waterfall Tours, Rope-Wall Climbing, Horse Riding, Archery, Shooting, Swimming, Milking of Cow, Bullock Cart Ride, Campfire, Kabaddi, Rod Fishing and Foot Massages are just the start of things that you can do here.
  • Enjoy the exquisite yet rooty Maratha meal for the fulfilment of appetite.

Where is this?

  • The resort is situated on the riverside for you to have pleasant views to wake up to.
  • It is situated in the mesmerizing foothills of Matheran.
  • The rustic farm is just a 3-minute walk from Khagol Neral Observation Site.
  • The Matheran Waterfall is at a distance of 10 Km.
  • The Neral railway station is only 4 Km away.

With whom?

  • Depends on the package you choose.
  • The activities will be shared with other guests, but your stay is going to be private.

You get

  • Your stay or day spend, whatever it is that you choose.
  • Multiple activities to keep you entertained and engaged throughout the day.

Things to remember

  • Any 1 meal, lunch or dinner, has to be paid extra for. Only 2 meals are covered in the package.

Something unique

A very balanced place of getaway where there is something for the both adventure freaks and simplistic dwellers.

Tips from insiders

  • Before the last 2 Kms, after crossing the Ulhas river bridge, please refer to the locals for proper direction.
  • Mahesh would immensely love to play some guitar songs for you!
  • Before booking, please be ready with the thought that it is as basic as it can get, no premium amenities or services will be provided here.
  • If you wish to stay here for longer, let us know!
  • If you fancy a non-vegetarian meal, the staff will work on that too!