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SALT of Palmar

An Adult-Only Designer Stay For Lovers

Palmar Belle, Mauritius
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
The first SALT had to be in Mauritius. It’s the home, of love, pride, and joy. It’s an undeniable, exotic beauty. Volcanic, white, blue, and green. It’s Indian, French, Creole, Chinese and African. Its colors, stories, customs, sounds, and flavors form a brilliant, heady mix that is impossible to ignore or forget. If you experience it. That’s why they created SALT of Palmar. Mauritius is ripe for exploration, drenched in history, and bursting with humbling heritage and modern culture. And we wan show more

A photo walkthrough

A Glittery Stay!

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Traditional Design Hotel
SALT of Palmar is a beautiful base that not just gives you everything you need to discover Mauritius. But also everything you need to relax, escape, and recharge.
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The Restaurant
The ingredients are the stars. The herb wall and a vegetable cellar show off their bounty. In the kitchen, they look too simple, ancient cooking methods. The wok, the tandoor oven, and the charcoal grill are their trinity, and they smoke anything and everything to release and enhance flavour.
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The Beach
A hangout on the white sands of Palmar beach for freshly prepared Mauritian snacks and lagoon-inspired cocktails featuring their favorite combinations of homegrown fruits and herbs.
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The Salt Bakery
Tempting bread and pastries, always straight from the oven. Local barista, serving freshly home-roasted coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SALT bakery is a contemporary café and bakery perfect for gathering, socializing, and enjoying a delectable selection of homemade pastries, in a casual and comfortable setting.
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Incredible Rooms
This is the beach life. Open your doors onto pristine sand. Be lulled into a perfect night’s sleep by gently lapping waves.
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Pool Plus
Here’s your plentiful poolside room, big enough for additional beds. The rooms overlook a sparkling pool allowing you to reconnect with your inner self.
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Now is the time to throw a wedding with a positive impact. And we don’t mean replace plastic straws with bamboo ones and call it a day. They mean rethinking the event every step of the way so that your wedding can be good for you, and for the planet.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The hotel features an on-site restaurant and 3 bars.
  • Each room has a modern design with local features.
  • The selection of onsite bars and restaurants focuses on homemade dishes.

Where is this?

  • SALT of Palmar, an adult-only boutique hotel is set on the white sandy beach of Palmar on the east coast of the island, 1.7 km from Belle Mare.

With whom?

    Something unique

    Meaningful travel satisfies curiosity and connects you to the local community and their way of life. You’re listening to and tasting local at this charming hotel.

    Tips from insiders

    • Guests can enjoy various activities such as the Aqua Balance and a cycle excursion to the village.
    • You can indulge in hiking and diving during your stay.
    • Off-site Fishing can be enjoyed with your squad.