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Sangeet Vilas

Luxurious Villa & Private Pool For Weekend Parties

Lemon Estate Road, Gurgaon
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
This holiday home sits on a lush green lawn that covers a majority of the property and is ideal to enjoy a refreshing sundowner. Bushes are perfectly trimmed and an array of trees enhance the refreshing charm of the outdoor. It has a vast swimming pool at one end of the property. Jump in to beat the heat any time of the day. Poolside loungers and parasol-covered seating are placed here for added comfort.

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Outside of Hustle

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Lavish Property
The entire property is extravagant in size and is built brightly with all modern facilities and interior design, perfect to host big private parties.
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Indoor Sports
You get to be the king of night and play vivid shots in the billiards. Play for the Queen.
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The property houses a big pool so that you throw infinite splashes at your loved ones. Put the bass hard and Dance Again
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Cozy Rooms
The property houses 4 bedrooms and each one of them are elegantly designed and are spacious to hold all your memories in making.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • All the rooms of the property are crafted with an accent wall, which offers them a distinct character. A soft double bed, a plush sofa with a coffee table, a wall-mounted mirror, and a writing desk are provided in each room which comes with an attached balcony that offers scintillating views of the garden area. Their en suite washrooms follow a Mediterranean theme. Each bedroom

Where is this?

  • This paradise is just off the NH8, The IGI Airport is about 48 km from the stay. Gurgaon Bus Stand is about 33 km away and Gurgaon Railway Station is 36.5 km from the property.

Something unique

A contemporary themed Villa set amidst tall trees for your weekend pool party or private event.

Tips from insiders

  • Do not forget to bring an extra pair of your favorite swimwear.