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Sariska Manor

Wrap Yourself In Luxury Amidst The Aravalis

Rajgarh, Sariska
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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LuxuryExtreme luxury for people who want extra
Located only 1200 meters from one of India’s oldest tiger reserves, Sariska Manor is a boutique jungle lodge with twenty-six rooms across seven quaint cottages inspired by the glorious colonial-era British hunting lodges. The cottages are fully equipped with modern luxuries and amenities. The Aravalli Hills and surrounding jungles, make for an ideal setting to explore the flora & fauna of these hills.

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An Adventurous Destination!

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Sariska Manor
Sariska Manor has taken inspiration from colonial-era British hunting lodges to design its cottages. An expansive swimming pool is present for enjoying a leisurely swim.
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Deluxe Rooms
Sariska Manor is a boutique luxury wildlife resort with twenty-six rooms across seven quaint cottages inspired by the glorious colonial-era British hunting lodges, fully equipped with modern luxuries and amenities.
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The in-house restaurant serves delicious authentic cuisines that will allow you to unwind from the day's hassles along with your loved ones!
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A Holistic Experience
The wildlife reserve, adventure activities, historical ruins, and legendary temples in surrounding areas, make Sariska Manor a great destination for those seeking a holistic experience.
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Jeep Safari
Sariska Tiger Reserve now has 16 tigers, all living their best primal life among the leopards, striped hyenas, wild boars, sambar, antelope, crocodiles, porcupines, jungle cat, jackal, Indian hare, langurs, and about 250 species of birdlife.
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Birding at Mansarovar & Mangalsar Lake
The thriving ecosystem at the Sariska Tiger Reserve provides ample space for not only the jungle and the animals to survive but also gives space to the birdlife. The Mansarovar & the Mangalsar lakes are home to many migratory and domestic birds.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Glide into the outdoor swimming pool to escape to relax after a busy day of traveling.
  • Enjoy delicious food served that is prepared using fresh farm and home-grown produce.
  • The sunset and sunrise views are best viewed from here.
  • The seven cottages at the property feature comfortable beddings and modern amenities.

Where is this?

  • Sariska Manor is a luxury jungle resort surrounded by the Aravalli Hills and the forests.
  • Guests can also enjoy a guided day tour of the Bhangarh Fort and Chand Baori.
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve is at a distance of around 18 km from the property.

With whom?

    Something unique

    An unpolluted environment, adventure activities, an outdoor swimming pool, and breathtaking views of mountains call for an ultimate vacation at Sariska Manor.

    Tips from insiders

    • Indulge in a multitude of activities offered by the retreat, such as jeep safari and birdwatching.
    • The resort arranges for a jeep safari to the Sariska Tiger Reserve and a jeep ride to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.
    • Sariska is a popular spot among migratory and native birds that come to nest on the trees and wetlands. Guests can enjoy birdwatching at Mansarovar Lake.
    • The surroundings of Sariska have no pollution, and this allows one to witness the glittering stars at ease.
    • Village walk and cycling tour of the surrounding villages are some other activities.