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Seclude Arthouse

A Peaceful Stay Amongst The Hills

Peach Garden, Ramgarh
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
A two-bedroom cottage with each room having a distinct and fun theme, this guest house in the Kumaon region will give you an old-school feel with it’s local and raw architecture. Surrounded by a white picket fence and overlooking the gorgeous Kumaon hills, the view from the balcony of this guest house is simply breathtaking.

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A Place To Slow Down

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Seclude Arthouse
Guests can be assured of a relaxing vacation away from the hubbubs of bustling city life. They can lay back and enjoy their pacifying break with ample of luxuries.
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Comfortable Rooms
The rooms are confected with luxurious interiors which ensure the comfort of guests. Sleeping soundly in these cosy rooms will not be questionable at all.
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Picturesque Views
Mornings can not be better than waking up to a sunny balcony with a cup of tea in your hand and with an exhilarating view in front of you. Just stand here to regain all your lost zeal for life.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Seclude provides many of the comforts of a boutique hotel and yet hospitality that has a warmth and casual nature that comes with a homestay.
  • Seclude Hotels Home Style has painstakingly worked with architects and interior designers to create a ‘vibe’ at every property by injecting personality into the architecture and design of the overall property as well as each room.
  • It’s a space that is creative and defies tradition.
  • This is coupled with training our staff to provide professional, yet warm service along with delicious and abundant meals - giving our guests a being at home feel.

Where is this?

  • Ramgarh located away from the bustle of Nainital's city-centre, is situated about 7400 feet above the sea level.
  • Come to see the Lake District like never before. The Lake tour takes you to Nainital, Bhimtal, Saattaal and Naukuchiatal.
  • Drive through the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park for about 30 km (one way), the place we will be driving to is located at an altitude of roughly 5,000 ft.

With whom?

  • You have access to the entire villa.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.

Things to remember

  • All meals are provided at an additional cost.
  • Special services like laundry, barbecue, and bonfire come at an additional cost.

Something unique

As a brand, Seclude has created a hybrid between a hotel and standard home stays delivering our guests with a unique experience.

Tips from insiders

  • Don't forget to carry your camera.
  • Allow yourself to expand and nurture your curiosity.