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Serene Ravine Homestay

Quaint Stay Set Amidst The Scenic Sahyadri Forest

Kolbandre Village, Dapoli
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
This homestay has a rustic look but hosts contemporary amenities like satellite television, attached bathrooms, running hot water, generator backup, membrane filtered water, and wireless Internet, just to name a few! They provide a wholesome rejuvenating experience! You will be greeted with warm smiling faces and served a cool kokam drink upon arrival.

A photo walkthrough

Pleasant and Peaceful

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Nut-Cute Walk
Explore their betel nut plantations considered natural air conditioners! Know about the harvesting practices or you can chew them to paint your mouth red, it is preferable after dinner.
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Get your binocular and leave for bird trails around. They are home to more than 58 species of birds counted throughout the year. Pied Hornbills, Small blue kingfisher, stork billed kingfisher, Indian pitta, etc.
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Falling Pearls
Enjoy the coziest and comfortable moment in a private Waterfall in their premises where you get to quench your thirst for hours without interruption.
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Flow Like Swan
River Kodjai flows through their premises, it is the best place to hang around. You can swim or learn to swim. Get the float and relax for hours!
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Indoor Games
You get to put your hands-on various indoor game options like carom and various board games at Serene Ravine.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • They offer a Couple-room if you are looking for a more modern and luxurious kind of stay in this hinterland, their rooms offer that extra space you need to spread out and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Beetle-nut plantations and hills.
  • The other rooms are Elegantantly simple, their Family Room gives you space and privacy you need and is located on the ground floor, this room has rustic bamboo interiors.

Where is this?

  • You will find tons of restaurants and hotels offering several cuisines with great taste.
  • You may visit the Ancient Ruins of Panhalekaji Caves which are just 6.4 km from the property.
  • The weather here too is much pleasant as compared to the rest of Konkan.
  • River Kodjai flows just at a minute distance from the property.

Something unique

A secluded stay set in the Konkan with the geography of a hill station and densely covered with trees and endemic florae will offer you the experience of living in farmland.

Tips from insiders

  • Several Flora and Fauna provide a reverberating atmosphere
  • Fun Plantation activity will be like a Botany class