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Shalom Villa

A Royal Room-Wise Villa Near A Beach

Marari beach, Allepey
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Find yourself surrounded by a green cover of tall, beautiful trees, amidst which lies your very own Greece-inspired homestay, waiting to welcome you to its cosy, royal interiors. Start your day with waking up to a beautiful garden view and the sound of beach waves, which will accompany you to your open dining area where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast spread. Head out to the beach, or if you'd like to keep it private, enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and relax all day at the villa.

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A Peek Into Royal Freshness

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Shalom Villa
A day of peace and serenity; Shalom welcomes you.
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Open - Air Dining
Bask yourself in nature and enjoy the food while your kids can still be busy playing in the pool.
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Marari Beach
You can always count on the beach to give you a refreshing break!
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Subtle Taste
Each of these can be booked individually and breakfast is included in the cost.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay at this royal boutique property.
  • Take a dip in the ocean or in your own pool!
  • A scrumptious meal in the open dining area is an enthral experience.
  • Take a peaceful walk at the beach nearby or practise yoga.
  • Relax on the hammock or play some board games.

Where is this?

  • Nestled in the district of Alappuzha, Mararikulam is a beach village with an abundance of coconut palm trees and golden sand.
  • You're tucked right around the Marari beach.
  • The beautiful Vembanad Lake is only 10.6 Km from here.
  • A visit to the lighthouse (12.2 Km) is a must!
  • For nature lovers, go visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary which is 13.7 Km away.

With whom?

  • It's a shared homestay.
  • You'll have a private and independent room at the villa.
  • Access to common facilities is with all the guests.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • Delicious breakfast to come your way.

Things to remember

  • Extra activities such as board games, local dance performances and yoga classes, that can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Meals can be provided at an additional charge.

Something unique

The property is inspired by the design ingenuity of Greece, the white and green charm says it all to you!

Tips from insiders

  • You can also eat out at restaurants such as MS Marari Beach Restaurant, Louvre Beach Restaurant, Palm Heaven and Carol Days.
  • It could get a little noisy at times as it's right on the main road.