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Sheilma Farms

A Comforting 3BHK Farm House

Dhauj, Delhi
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Sheilma Farms gives you the best possible experience of rural India with the sophistication of cosy and elegant interiors. Not only does it promise a relaxing trip away from the hustle bustle of the trip but also the fun of so many activities that are available at the farmhouse. You can enjoy a splash in the pool or play indoor games like carrom, chess, Monopoly, Ludo, etc. You can also step out for a game of cricket, badminton, croquet or football in the huge front lawn. There are also art & cr show more

A photo walkthrough

A Glimpse of Rural India

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Rustic Farm Experience
Spread over 5 acres of lush green land. Sheilma farms offers a rural paradise away from the busy city life.
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Cozy Interiors
The artistically done up interiors make the rooms not only lively but also makes you feel right at home.
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Authentic Barbecue
Experience the organic flavours of farm food cooked in the most delicious way.
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Arts and Craft
Experience the rich culture of rural areas by attending different workshops
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Sports Environment
There are equipments for football, darts, cricket etc. Choose your favourite pick from a range of options.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Spread over 5 acres of land, Sheilma Farms offers a small cottage amidst the fields, away from the busy city life.
  • Its views include a combination of lush green fields, rocks and the Aravalli ranges.
  • Guests can enjoy the pool or play a variety of indoor and outdoor games.
  • Uniquely enough, guests can also enjoy art & craft workshops conducted by the owner at an additional cost.
  • The farm experience is yours for the taking - go for a poultry visit, tractor ride, camel ride or bullock cart ride.

Where is this?

  • One of the underdogs of India’s tourism industry, Haryana is a vibrant and lively gem surrounded by mountains to its north and desert to its south.
  • One look at this place and you will notice the many unattended and interesting activities that have been waiting for you. So, while you’re enjoying your luxurious stay at this property, here is a list of few nearby places and activities we recommend to make your stay even more memorable.
  • Experience the serenity of Khori & Sirohi lakes
  • Visit the ancient Gothra-Mohabbatad temple
  • Experience the thrill of power paragliding in Sohana
  • Hangout at Botanix Nature Resort, Damdama
  • Get a foothold in the adventurous world of rock climbing at Damdama
  • Guests may also eat out at nearby places like Jakariya Biryani Shop, Zaika Restaurant, Chicken Corner Zakopur.

With whom?

  • The entire property will be yours to enjoy!

You get

  • Accommodation for a night.

Things to remember

  • Transportation will not be provided.
  • All meals at an additional cost.

Something unique

Experience the beauty of farms and lush green fields.

Tips from insiders

  • Fireplace and bonfire can be made available at an additional cost
  • Workshops and other farm experiences can be arranged at an additional cost
  • Guests may use the kitchen to prepare their own meals at an additional cost.