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Soham Villa

Elegant 2BHK Jacuzzi Villa

Solan, Kasauli
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Within the property, guests may use the treadmill or play games like table tennis, billiards, carrom and chess. Guests can relax in the jacuzzi or steam room, or watch some movies in the auditorium. Guests can take a peaceful walk amidst nature and embrace its beauty. They can also request for a bonfire to be lit up and enjoy the barbecue as well.

A photo walkthrough

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Home Theatre
Organize a movie night with your loved ones with all your favourite snacks and movies in the privacy of your home.
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Private Jacuzzi
The jacuzzi faces a glass window to give you a stunning view of Kasauli while you relax away in the water.
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Fitness Centre
Health freaks can refresh themselves by working out and easy-going folks can play and relaxing game of pool.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • A magnificent statement on opulence itself, Soham Villa is truly creme de la creme.
  • Its location in Kasauli is undoubtedly special, but what makes the villa stand out is the stunning white exterior, along with the plush, swanky interior.
  • From a mini theatre to a jacuzzi, steam room, fireplace, treadmill, billiards and more, it offers everything you may need, and then some.
  • The wide windows offer serene views wherever you are, but you must also step outdoors to enjoy the setting with a bonfire.

Where is this?

  • Kasauli, a cantonment town, is one of the most popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.
  • It is often described as a hiker’s paradise, surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains.
  • So, while you’re enjoying your peaceful stay at this property, here are a few nearby places and activities we recommend to make your stay even more memorable.
  • Take a tour to Kasauli Brewery where you can explore the process of whiskey production and taste a sample of distilled whiskey.
  • Take a panoramic view of nature from Monkey’s Point, Sunset Point, Gilbert Nature Trail.
  • Visit Sanjeevni Hanuman Temple and Prachin Shri Kali Mata Temple.

With whom?

  • The entire property will be yours to enjoy!

You get

  • Accommodation for a night.

Things to remember

  • Transport is unavailable.
  • No meals are provided.

Something unique

Boasting a sauna and a jacuzzi Soham Villa offers a luxurious stay in the hills.

Tips from insiders

  • The caretaker stays in the premises of the same property.
  • WiFi, although offered, is subject to network availability at any given time.
  • Barbecue kit is available at an additional cost.