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Solitude In The Woods

A Place Of Quiet Amidst Nature

Sohna, Gurgaon
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Set in the state of Haryana, this place replicates the feeling of living in a forest - calm, peaceful. With over 6000 trees around, including mango, guava, chikoo and gooseberry, you are sure to be taken away by the fresh, sweet scent that lingers around. Unlike fast-paced city life, here you'll be assured with quality time to yourself. Don't be surprised if you find a secret or two about yourself while you're here!

A photo walkthrough

A Quarter Of Beautiful Secludedness

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Solitude In The Woods
With a playground, a massive garden, some orchards and a forest bring you a world of freshness.
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Delightful Evenings
At an additional cost, the caretaker can make all the arrangements for you
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Exquisite Interiors
Also! This is a pet-friendly property. So do remember to bring your furry friends along.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay here.
  • Nestled in nature is your 2-BHK bungalow providing you proper solitude in the woods.
  • The blue palette on the walls, the maharaja style chairs, with airy interiors do catch a whiff of a premium feel.
  • Within the property, guests can play indoor games like cards and ludo.
  • Guests can take a peaceful walk in the garden and explore various trees, while children can swing to their heart’s content.

Where is this?

  • This relatively secluded property is packed in the locality of Sohana.
  • Be the welcoming guests to monkeys who frequently visit the property.
  • With a forest outside the property, and over 6000 orchard trees to nestle you, it's blissful to be here!
  • Damdama Lake & Mangar Hill are only 8-9 Km away from the place.
  • Experience the thrill of power paragliding in Sohana.

With whom?

  • The entire bungalow is yours after the booking!

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • Breakfast shall be served.

Things to remember

  • Meals are provided at an additional cost.
  • For the usage of kitchen, barbeque arrangements etc - an additional charge is placed.

Something unique

Solitude In The Woods derives its name from the peace and isolation it offers to get out of the hustle-bustle of city life in a forest area!

Tips from insiders

  • Don't carry food outside the property as it can cause the monkeys to follow.
  • You can also eat out in nearby restaurants like Dev Restaurant, Mughlai Food Family Restaurant and Jakariya Biryani Shop.