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South Patio

An Elegant Hotel With Old Vibes

Nirvana Block- D , Gurgaon
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Second, of the trio of Patios, The South Patio is the epitome of calmness. The exquisite club, a getaway to the verdant lawns, and magnificent architecture offer the essence of serenity and love. You may appreciate the wooden decor and olden styling of the rooms. A range of well-structured conference halls and a wide variety of banquets covering both the outdoor and indoor.

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Good Club for Good Moments

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Another Day In Paradise
South Patio, an exquisite club, is a getaway to the verdant lawns and extraordinary architecture. From the exhilarating air, rich with aromas, and to the scenic splendor of lush lawns; this holiday is relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating.
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Picasso- Delight In Every Bite
Soaking in old-world charm Picasso's comfortable sofa seating and classic semi-circular bar remind you of the days of the raj. Take a meal with your family and enjoy the soothing and relaxing aura to unwind from a day’s hustle.
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Bliss- Rain or shine, it’s time to dine
The dining room carries a happy vibe interwoven with the aroma of meals with your loved ones. Step into bliss and enjoy fine dining at its best.
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Wake Up To A View
The wooden furniture talks of the happy home, and of colors that could sing in the joyful chorus as one. Relax in a comfy bed and have a relaxing time with your family and friends.
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Styled With Elegance
At Patio, Meetings and conferences have a totally different character and need immaculate coordination for their success. Perhaps the most versatile room in an organization, a conference room is equipped with video conferencing and all the modern amenities.
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Special Occassions- Meet, Share, Enjoy
Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get-Together, Kitty’s, Bachelors, Farewells, or whatsoever may be the occasion, they have the venue, the staff, and the skill set to help you create an event everyone will remember.
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Big Cheers To Joy
A general cocktail to celebrate the wedding with friends and family, they offer you so many venues at one club depending on the budget, the theme, the number of attendees, etc. They will make sure that the guests from your cocktails go with Happy Tales.
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Eat, Drink, Celebrate
From the best Sangeet, Wedding to Reception, they have all of it covered for you. At Patio this is not a venue they are giving you, they are equally involved in the arrangements and take responsibility that the affair is grand.
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Loaves and Kisses
Loaves and Kisses is a bakery at the Club offering all types of cakes, delicatessen, puff..all things bakery. They also are a great place to come and unwind over a cup of coffee and muffins.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Situated in Gurgaon, South Patio is the best place to experience comfort, peace, and aura.
  • It offers flawless service and all the essential amenities to invigorate guests.
  • Covering from official to unofficial, Patio is suitable for all.

Where is this?

  • You can explore Kingdom of Dreams known for its theatre plays and wide range of food.
  • You can head over to Qutub Minar, victory tower to see ancient beauty and have a relaxing time with your friends and family.

Something unique

South Patio is an architectural marvel in terms of the building and facade and here along with the services their building and ambiance will also give you an old-world vibe second to none.

Tips from insiders

  • Sitting in the courtyard lawn of the club next to the pool sipping your drinks, having wonderful conversations, and share some everlasting memories.