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The Kutir

A Budget 2-BHK Apartment With Mountain Views

Mashobra, Shimla
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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BasicEconomical options for the backpacker
Nestled in the laps of mountains, we present to you The Kutir which is a cosy little 2-Bhk apartment perfect for a small group outing. A reasonable dwelling yet a comfortable one is what The Kutir offers you. With splendid mountains views, a comfortable dining area, a kitchen with necessities included to prepare your own meals - you wouldn't even want to leave the place when you're here.

A photo walkthrough

No Pocket Heaveness ;)

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The Kutir
It is tucked out of the bustle of Shimla, exactly 20 Km away.
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Simplistic Charm
The long and uninterrupted views of the mountains are breathtaking!
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Read a book or two or do some productive work - because we promise your efficiency is about to double!

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay in The Kutir.
  • The apartment is a simple yet comfortable abode to spend your weekend getaway.
  • A living room, an equipped kitchen with dining area keep you occupied.
  • Enjoy the beautiful views of the valley and mountains from your balcony.
  • Read a book or two or do some productive work - because we promise your efficiency is about to double!

Where is this?

  • Situated in a pristine location away from crowded touristy areas.
  • Not so far off from Shimla, only 20 Km, is your stay - located in Naldera.
  • Solan is another hill station for you which is just 37 Km away.
  • The Ridge, Mall Road, Jakho0 Gondola are totally within your reach.

With whom?

  • The apartment is going to be yours after the booking.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • A delicious breakfast will come your way.

Things to remember

  • Meals can be provided at an additional charge, or you may cook your own food.

Something unique

Want to travel and stay on a budget? No worries! We have you covered.

Tips from insiders

  • We'd suggest to bring or cook your own food.