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The Mandala

Spiritual Nature's Nestle In A Secluded Space

Pundal Gunth , Devprayag
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
A place to focus on your creative passion or heal the heart that is grieving. It can be an opportunity to deepen your intimacy with a beloved or reflect and discern where you are going next or where you have been. It is a place for many things but sometimes it’s just a place to rest, restore and recoup. Mandala is a place to experience the age-old traditions and myths of Himalayan sacred life within a restorative contemporary environment. While creating Mandala, they desired to learn from the show more

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The Mandala
In the Himalayas by the river Ganga, Mandala is a contemporary retreat experience that offers undiluted silence and solitude to reflect, be in nature and experience the land of the mystics.
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Living Spaces
The living area is a cosy space designed with few distractions. They consider eating a sacred event at Mandala and thus guests eat together in the communal dining area. There is also a self-serve kitchenette which is always stocked with snacks and goodies. The study has a small collection of some of the best ancient texts and modern-day commentaries on spiritual and personal growth and in another cosy space to reflect and journal.
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Grove Suite
With a deep commitment to the local community and the artisanal craftsmanship of India, these rooms are filled with traditional woven rugs, hand-carved furniture and cane wicker artefacts that all celebrate the unique culture of the Himalayas.
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Mud Cottages
Blending aesthetics with sustainability, beauty with ecology, reverence with the celebration it aims to create an experience that provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The cottages are surrounded by fruit trees and the wildest foliage that attracts the most colourful birds and butterflies.
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Terrace Suites
Both rooms have their own ensuite bathrooms outfitted with rainwater showerheads and are tiled with river rocks sourced right from the Ganga.
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Swimming Pool
The pool is such a place. It lies below a handcrafted waterfall that was built with rocks sourced from the Ganga’s shoreline and overlooks the Alaknanda River below.
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Outdoor Courtyard Terraces
Afternoon tea is served here if you so desire and cold beverages are always on offer.
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Traditional Mud Cottage Shala
Their yoga shala is made of corn husks, reclaimed bark, turmeric lime and natural cured mud. Structures like these have been made in Himalayan villages for centuries. The river below can be seen from every floor to ceiling window in the shala and provides a unique grounding backdrop to practice yoga, meditation or prāṇāyāma.
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Shrine/ Temple
The original owners of the property were devoted Hindus and constructed a small temple at the foot of the property that the current owners restored. Traditional morning and evening pray rituals are held in this small traditional sanctum. You are welcome to attend if they desire and participate in one of the many traditional Puja worship rituals that are held here.
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Visit The Sacred Confluence
Ritual bathing here has been, and still is an important part of the Hindu religion and thus, thousands of pilgrims make their way here every year. Visit any time of the day or have them arrange for you a private ceremony of gratitude with one of the śrāmaṇeras (novice monks) from the nearby Sanskrit University.
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Village Life
You could walk or cycle to the village but don’t be surprised if a herd of sheep decide to accompany you along the way. You are bound to pass one of the many old wise women of the village who love to share the secrets for a happy life. If you desire a more hands-on experience, join one of their neighbours for tea, drop in on the milkman at his cow shed or have your birth chart read by one of the village astrologers.
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The fireplace is always burning in the cold winter months and there are often Indian classic flute tunes playing in the background. This is a perfect space to share an intimate conversation with your beloved or enjoy some solitude over a cup of milky chai. They often have a local vocalist or flutist drop by to serenade guests by the pool.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Experience the wonder and joy of both the magnificent and the simple.
  • Days typically start with either a sunrise meditation by the river or a yoga kriya at the shall.
  • Afternoons can be spent reading or journaling in the courtyard or take a contemplative walk through the orchard grove.
  • Go fruit picking if you desire a little more movement or book a private Vedanta class with one of our guest teachers.

Where is this?

  • The temples of Devprayag span thousands of centuries with the oldest standing temple here being built in the 8th century.
  • There is a soulfulness to the landscape here that is bound together by the majesty of its nature and the sacredness of the saints and sages who once walked upon it.
  • The property is located in a tiny village comprised of just 20 families.

With whom?

  • It's a boutique resort.
  • The property has only 5 rooms that are spaciously spread out which allows for natural social distancing and completely private experience.
  • Access to all the common areas is provided.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • It's an all-inclusive package of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Traditional Tea Ceremony, Bird-Watching, Fruit Picking, Spring Water Bathing are some of the activities that are offered to you at no extra cost.

Things to remember

  • Laundry comes here on an additional charge.
  • They offer a vast array of experiences that they tailor design to serve your individual intentions and needs.

Something unique

There are three elements at the heart of the Mandala experience - spending time in silence, engaging in meaningful conversations and sharing time exploring nature and the culture.

Tips from insiders

  • A negative COVID-19 health certificate required dated 3 days prior to check-in.
  • They are a transaction free environment, which allows contact-free self check-ins.
  • Children are not allowed at this property keeping in-line with the self-reflection purpose of the space.