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The Manor - Shimla

An Abode of British-Era, Tucked away in Mountains

Auramah Valley , Shimla
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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LuxuryExtreme luxury for people who want extra
If you are a solo traveler or with your dearest ones roaming in Shimla, they have something for everyone to linger in their bewitching spa, Italian restaurant, or else get yourself drenched in the perfect Himalayan sunshine. They not only tender you with nature but also will melt your romantic nerves. Their la carte will treat your feast.

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Colonial Heaven

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Trattoria Dining
An upbeat Italian-styled restaurant with rustic la carte of salads, antipasti, pasta, soups, rotisserie meats, bread, and divine North Indian flavors.
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Barbecue and Barbie
Heaven give you partner but good grilling over BBQ will give you compliments of life, For singletons too can unearth the joy along with perfectly curated Wine and Mezze.
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Humpy Forest Lunch
A mesmerizing mix of colors on your plate for the exquisite dining experience with ambiance of hill views from each corner
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Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind
Experience the bliss of Sun from your balcony and feel the warmth of daylight, At night stars will come to hug you and enlighten your desires.
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Be at Top of the World
9423 ft of Shali Tibba, a singleton peak is no doubt a vantage point for a panoramic view of Himachal Pradesh, Chharabra Trek, and Hatu Trek will also melt the trekker inside you to conquer the heights.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Perfection is quite synonymous with them because they offer Inhouse Spa, Tennis Court, Clinic, Tuck Shop, Laundry, Gym, Helicopter with round the clock security, Needless to say, but they assure you perfect escaping mountainous hideaway with everything you need.

Where is this?

  • With rooms facing the Garden and terrace your morning will get blossomed with bright sunshine and nights will be twinkling below stars, With just 7 Km from Shimla and 30 Km from Solan Valley you just need the perfect partners to get tucked away in this heaven beside Mountains.

Something unique

Exquisite Himalayan hideaway for a weekend getaway and extended stay with your favorite people and dine your heart out in an Italian restaurant.

Tips from insiders

  • Grind up your favorite bonfire songs and Cheffing skills