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The Oasis Of Serenity

Feel the placidity of the Thar desert in an exquisite way!

Village Bhakrasni, Jodhpur
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
If you wish to explore the whole city of Jodhpur and not just the tourist attractions then The Oasis Of Serenity is impeccably the right choice for you. This villa offers you a standardised and authentic stay in the city of Jodhpur. Feel rejuvenated in the harmonious environment of the property and sink yourselves in the placidity of the serene surroundings.

A photo walkthrough


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The Jodhpuri Crust
This villa is crouched in utter peace and is a humble abode for all tourists. Built in traditional Rajasthani architecture, this villa is immaculate for every traveller who seeks luxury in an authentic way.
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Vibrant Spectrum
Cultures are always colourful and they are portrayed perfectly in this villa. Get a sneak peek of the heritage this city carries in its air by merely sitting inside this beautiful property.
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The Blue Factor
The villa has everything you need, from luscious gardens to this splendid outdoor pool! Enjoy your stay and day with lazing around the pool and rejuvenate yourself in its vibes.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • A humble abode furnished with elegant decor and all the modern amenities.
  • A villa made with intricate details and having an earthly touch of Jodhpur.
  • The accommodations are spacious and eccentric. Also, they are fully air-conditioned and have abundant facilities as well.

Where is this?

  • The stay is perched upon an oasis in the scorching Thar desert.
  • A villa which inculcates the traditions of Jodhpur in its decor and offers a luxurious stay.
  • Just a few minutes drive away from all the iconic attractions such as the Mehrangarh Fort, Kalyana Lake and Machiya Safari Park.

With whom?

  • Book the entire villa to unwind at your pace.

You get

  • A delightful stay in a villa which has a pool, a terrace and a garden for your peaceful retreat.
  • A kitchenette is installed in your room for your comfort.
  • Access to the dining and living area is also available.
  • Parking services are also available.

Things to remember

  • The villa has no internet access.
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the premises of the villa.
  • The airport shuttle will also cost extra.

Something unique

A dainty abode furnished with luxuries and having an intimidating fort-style structure which will magnetize you.

Tips from insiders

  • A dwelling where you can retreat peacefully away from the bustling city life.
  • Explore Jodhpur from a unique perspective in this villa.
  • A self-catered villa offering world-class services exclusively for you!