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The Sylverton

A Blissful Mess Awaits

Kulri, Mussoorie
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
An attractive hotel, lined with marble flooring for a sturdier appeal with modern style furniture beautifully shows the amalgamation of old-style architecture and modern designs. With one and only goal, to provide the ultimate staying experience, this hotel has tons of options for the rooms as well as for recreational activities.

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Gates Of Oblivion

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Majesty Personified
A grand getaway is calling you! Enter a world where there is no space for worries and exertions. This place is going to make your vacation memorable with its world-class hospitality and ambience.
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Brunching Vista
Green and blue make the best colour combination, and so does luscious grass and heavenly sky. Sit and have brunch with a serene view of nature and let the freshness of air around you make you feel good.
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Diaphanous Luxe
Sleeping like a king or a queen is a desire we all want to fulfil. But here, you are your own boss and you will be offered the best of everything. So let your bed be your best friend for your stay as you relax from all negativity.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The stay is made up of a handful of rooms and suites, laying out multiple options for the guests to choose from, according to their stay preferences and the luxuries provided.
  • The BBQ facilities clubbed with the bar give an overwhelming feel and experience,

Where is this?

  • Lying in the parts of Mussoorie, the Sylverton Mussoorie is 1 km from Gun Hill Mall Road. Apart from this, the hotel is at a convenient distance from other tourist locations.
  • Enjoy a nice picnic on the banks of Mussoorie Lake.
  • Go for casual walks on the Mussoorie Mall Road.

With whom?

  • You can rent out a room to enjoy an undisturbed stay.

You get

  • Free WiFi in all areas.
  • Free Parking to secure your vehicle while you enjoy your stay.
  • Enjoy BBQ Facilities to your heart's content.

Things to remember

  • Pay to take benefit of the laundry services.
  • The Spa and Wellness Center charges a fee.

Something unique

A charmingly stunning retreat with a hushed out vicinity to provide a soothing and amazing experience.

Tips from insiders

  • An epitome of perfection and a perfect specimen of luxury clubbed with comfort.
  • Classy restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines.