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Luxury Beach-View Villa

Candolim, Goa
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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LuxuryExtreme luxury for people who want extra
Visit the beach any time of day or night! This 7 BHK luxury villa is equipped with all the comforts you want on your vacation. Enjoy the experience of Portuguese-style living with the traditional yet very compatible design and decor of the property. If you wish to explore the city of Goa while living like a King, this is the best opportunity you can get. You can enjoy the beach that is right outside of the villa or you can take a dip in the private pool that included in your stay.

A photo walkthrough

Live in Luxury

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The Stay
The 7 BHK is equipped with all sorts of comfort and luxury for your convenience. You will definitely enjoy and remember your vacation.
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The Pool
You can enjoy the private pool of the property with your friend and loved ones.
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The Garden
You can walk in the lush greenery of the private garden that is a part of your stay.
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The Room
Enjoy the comfort with a traditional look of goan Portugues-style rooms at this villa.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • It is an exotic stay at the heart of Goa and right next to the magnificent beach.
  • You can enjoy the company of your friends and family and play a few indoor games.
  • You can enjoy the pool available for guests inside the property itself.
  • You can enjoy the private garden during your stay.

Where is this?

  • Your stay is right next to the beach.
  • Fishing trips are available at the beach.
  • City transportation and cabs are easily available.
  • At a minimal distance from Goa airport.

With whom?

  • The entire property can be booked as a whole by you!

You get

  • Accommodation is provided with an accessible kitchen.

Things to remember

  • Meals come at an additional charge.
  • Transportation services are offered but at a chargeable price.
  • Staff accommodation can be provided for 2 at an additional cost.

Something unique

It is a luxury villa with Portuguese interior and decor equipped with all sorts of comforts this price range can get you.

Tips from insiders

  • Enjoy the charm of Goa and try out local cuisine and drinks.
  • Don’t forget to visit nature trails when at Casa Vita.
  • The leisurely walks on the beach at night are a must.