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Whispering Pines Cottages

Stay In A Cabin In The Woods

Tandi, Jibhi
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
This is Daleep's heavenly creation, which is literally at the end of a road offering a secluded experience. The view from any nook of the place is spellbinding, to say the least. With some rustic and solid construction, plenty of open spaces, interiors filled with all the premium touches you can expect at this price - your mountain getaway is for sure going to be great!

A photo walkthrough

Deep Into The Woods

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Whispering Pines Cottage
The Himalayan subtropical pine forests are on both sides of the road from Jibhi to Tandi and the cottage is surrounded by mountainous forests on all sides.
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Daleep Ji
He runs the most successful cottage in the town, though he built his mudhouse two years ago, and his treehouse less than a year ago. He is a very involved host who attends to every need of his guests.
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Fully-Functional Kitchen
Enjoy some traditional home-style food, where the ingredients come from the village itself.
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Go On Trails
It's a beautiful village with wheat and maize fields, pear trees, and apple orchards. The waterfall originates here too!
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Woof Woof!
The dogs just add to the endless charm of the place. They are super friendly and cute, and if you want, they'd love to show you around the place.
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Fine Cottage
The rooms are simple, well-appointed and tastefully designed keeping intact the regional look of the place. You have a balcony, lawn and patio where you can sip wine.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy a local homestay experience with the best hosts, coupled with a scenic location, open spaces and rustic charm!

Where is this?

  • Tandi is a remote village above Jibhi, an 8-kilometre drive from the Jibhi market.

With whom?

  • The cottage, the lawn around it.
  • You are free to walk around in the forests nearby, and the fields nearby, so long as you don't step on the crops.
  • You are also welcome to use the common kitchen, and the personal kitchen inside the cottage. For the common kitchen, you'll just have to coordinate with us on the timings.

Something unique

Daleep's place boasts the best rating of all the homestays in the region of Jibhi!

Tips from insiders

  • Please interact with the local villagers and enjoy their company.
  • Bheema and Daleep make together for a wonderful hosting experience!
  • Their two dogs (Nabokov and Nepol) are just a cherry on top of the cake!
  • You will get whatever you need from the market at your doorstep.
  • The hosts can accompany you on short hikes.
  • Airtel & Jio work here but Vodafone doesn't.
  • There's nothing nearby, other than a sparsely populated village of about 100 people.
  • Tandi is the most beautiful village in the Jibhi area.
  • Try Bhima's trout fish!!