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Woodays Resort

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Lambidhar, Shimla
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
With an alluring ligneous feel, these vintage-royale styled lodgings make a chain that's well lit at night. The beauty surrounding the property and the energy running through this place is contagious and everlasting. The economical price tags and excellent provisions make this stay a must pick.

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Peaceful Demesne

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Bucolic Marquee
This property is an exotic getaway for all leisure travellers and turns out to like a fairytale during the winter season.
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Swish And Swell
Indulge in luxury and ambience while you savour some of the stunning views seen from the vicinity of this resort. The cynosure of this place is unmissable!
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Exotic Den
This place is a high-class hotel along with alluring amenities for all its guests. The rooms come furnished with all amenities and are a perfect blend of fashion and sophistication.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Woodays Resort goes all-in when it comes to wooden style stays. The best in business, the lodgings provide a mini campsite feel, shedding light on every tiny detail.
  • Enjoy top-notch multi cuisines.

Where is this?

  • 18 km from the Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, Woodays Resort is located in Shimla. Overlooking the valley and resting on lofty hillsides, this resort has a perfect 360-degree view of it.
  • Jakhu Temple and Jakhoo Gondola are a small walk away.

You get

  • Enjoy your breakfast in the room.
  • Free Parking facility for your vehicle.
  • Go for organized cycling tours off-site.

Things to remember

  • Tickets to shows or attractions will be charged extra.
  • Pay to book the Banquet Halls.

Something unique

Experience a cluster style of living in your private wooden lodgings.

Tips from insiders

  • Go out on all sorts of trips interacting with nature and making new friends on the ride.