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Zostel Home Tabo

A Divinely Retreat to Connect with the Monks

Tabo, Lahaul And Spiti
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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BasicEconomical options for the backpacker
Tucked in between mountains and valleys, Zostel Home Tabo is a perfect blend of therapeutic and adventurous stay. Embrace the sunbeams on wheat fields, desert mountains, and mud houses promising them radiance with the dawn. With mountain views, this accommodation provides a balcony. It is a picturesque Home offering view of the glorious rainbow and mountains.

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Naturally Irresistible!

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A Stress- free Sleep
This Room enables you to start your day with an alluring view of the Valley and mountains. Seize the spectacular morning sunrise and evening sunset from the balcony with a cup of Tea.
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Relax and Talk
Sit in here with other travelers and have never-ending conversations. Connect for few days and share a lifelong friendship.
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A Taste of Home
All the food served will be home-cooked. Lunch and Dinner will be provided at the Hostel for free. The food served here is generally wholesome. Special requests regarding food are accepted.
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Bored? How about playing?
One of the best ways to polish your mind is by challenging your friends for the rounds of Chess, Caroom, etc. Zostel Home Tabo offers traditional Indian seating making games exciting, fun, and entertaining.
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Exploring Beauty of the Village
Take a peaceful walk in the village to forget your worries. The Villagers live an ordinary mountain life which is so absorbing to observe and talk about. Tibetan houses are parallel to the Himalayas- rectangular structures with white walls, maroon, and black paints decorating their window and door frames.
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A Mindful Trek to Meditation Caves
The Tibetan Lamas in olden times used to meditate in these caves to discover joy and inner peace. To reach there first, drive 5 km and then hike for the next 4 km. Enjoy your mindful and adventurous half-day trip.
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A Godly Abode - Tabo Monastery
Built-in 996 CE, the Tabo Monastery is the second oldest monastery in the world. It holds significance as it is fully made of mud. It is acknowledged as Ellora of the Himalayas and is well-known because it is Dalai Lama's favorite. It overlooks the resplendent desert mountains of the Spiti districts.
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Have an Ice Day at Frozen Lake
It is a Lake that freezes up in winters. Hike across a Frozen river to clear your mind and enjoy the stunning frozen waterfall. The one-of-a-best experience is within Ice skating at the Frozen Lake.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Life here in Tabo, the minuscule village of Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is hugged by nature and blessed by monks.
  • You will be amazed by the spirituality here in presence of Monks.
  • Time here moves slowly as kids make their way to the only school in the town, grannies milk the many cows, and the monks continue with their everyday chores in the world's oldest monastery.

Where is this?

  • You can have a relaxing walk to River Spiti which is just at a distance of 0.2 km from the Hostel.
  • Kunzum Top, a Cafe is at just 5 minutes drive.
  • You may also enjoy the trek to Frozen Lake.

Something unique

Zostel Home Tabo is exceptional as it holds the ancient significance of the world's second-oldest monastery. It is a quaint little home holding apricots in its front yard and views of the Himalayas. They offer a shared lounge and a terrace.

Tips from insiders

  • They offer Bicycle rental to ride around and explore the serene beauty of the village. You can also go hiking.
  • They have a Game room and walking tours wherein extra charges are applied.