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Priced At 14,160/ person

Enchanting Getaway

3-Night Package To Turn It Up a Notch

Priced At 14,160/person
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3 nights
When you picture a vacation, what image comes to mind? Beautiful, pristine beaches? Quaint elegance? Backwaters? Coconut groves? Premium and elegant rooms? Well, they have them all at Maliekal Heritance, so pack your bags and book a room. Celebrate show more

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Your Stay

Maliekal Heritance Cherai, Cochin

Day 1-3

Have a cozy experience at one of their Wooden Cottages!
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Wooden cottages are elegantly designed to fulfil all your needs. Fitted with two balconies, one overlooks the beautiful green landscaped garden and another that offers a panoramic view of the lagoon and the Chinese Fishing nets.
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The comfortable beds lull you to sleep even as you look around to see exquisitely designed teak wood furniture and experience luxury. With large sliding doors that open to the balcony, you can step right off the bed onto the balcony to enjoy the early morning sunrise.
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Welcome Drink on Arrival
Even your Taste Buds need to have an ooze of relaxation and luxury.
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Evening Tea/ Coffee
Sip your favourite mode of refreshment while having a look at the gorgeous horizon.
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Roam Around
Some of the best sights are seen on a bicycle and they offer bicycles to ride through the quaint villages that surround Cherai. You often come across locals who are eager to share stories or even invite you in for a cup of piping hot chai.
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Kayak Around
They offer kayaks to paddle your way through the backwaters and sight the local birds and enjoy the calm waters.
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Fish Around
One of the toughest but most rewarding activities, fishing is meant for the one with patience.  They offer fishing rods, lines and baits for the experts. Not an expert? Not a problem, they even give you fishing lessons and not just using fishing rods, they even help cast a net.
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Candlelight Dinner
Have a cosy and private dinner either overlooking the beach and forget the world itself. They offer a private nook, where you and your partner can enjoy the delicious dishes and spend some quality time together without any interferences.
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Hello Bed Time!
Each day, the same rooms extend their warmth to you and invite you to have a cushioning sleep in them. Your rooms will be kept refilled with Tea/ Coffee arrangements.
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