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Escape To Spiti - From Shimla

Backpacking trip provided by Zostel

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An influencer trip by Mehak Rastogi3K followersTraveller
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9 nights
A once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Spiti Valley, spanning nine days and led by a local team captain. Beginning and ending at Shimla, this journey is carved out exclusively for eleven people, featuring the most pleasing experiences, villages, and lan show more

Trip Itinerary

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Gather Up - 7 Am

Shimla ISBT

Day 1

1. By 7.30, we leave for Spiti Valley, with breaks for snacks, lunch, and sightseeing at Kufri, the Tranda Temple, and Sangla. 2. Reach Chitkul by sundown and check-in at Zostel Chitkul, followed by a hearty dinner. 3. Stay the night amidst a thoroughly dreamy Himalayan landscape brushed by the winter, marking quite a fantastic start to the trip.
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Chitkul at a Glance
The last motorable hamlet on the Indo-Tibetan border, Chitkul is perched in a dreamlike setting of perennial snow. Charming wooden houses & the Baspa river surrounded by the Kinnauri Himalayas rule its landscape, bringing incredible valley views your way.
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Begin The Day

Hanuman Mandir Sangla

Day 2

1. A glorious view of the mountains and a filling breakfast right under it. 2. Check-out from Zostel Chitkul and head to Sangla for the awaited Holi celebration. 3. Check-in at the hotel and head out to join the locals getting ready for the procession at Sangla Temple. 4. In the procession, walk around the Sangla Valley, enjoying local songs, dances, and sweets. 5. After a sweet cultural celebration, head back to the hotel for dinner and a sweet night’s slumber.
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Shree Bairing Nag Ji Temple

Day 3

1. Have breakfast and head back to Sangla Temple for a day full of colour and celebrations. 2. Today, you’ll be a part of the local Himachali culture, relishing its lifestyle, folk arts, clothing, and everything in between. 3. As evening arrives, head back to the hotel to take a warm shower. Enjoy dinner with fellow travellers before you call it a day.
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Leave for Tabo


Day 4

1. Begin your day with a warm breakfast at the hotel. Today, we leave for Tabo, stopping on the way for lunch at Spillo. 2. At around 6 PM, check-in at Zostel Home Tabo, a quaint Himachali homestay overlooking the rugged Spitian mountains. 3. End your day with dinner, games, and chitter-chatter with your newfound travel gang.
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Tabo at a Glance
Home to the world’s second-oldest monastery, ancient caves, and frozen lakes and rivers, Tabo is old, charming, and unparalleled in scenic beauty.
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Tabo Monastery and leave for Dhankar


Day 5

1. After a filling breakfast, visit the Tabo Monastery and leave for Dhankar. 2. Explore the stunningly located Dhankar Gompa and then stop once more for lunch before you reach Kaza. 3. Check-in by 3 PM, which will spare you plenty of time to visit the colourful market & explore the town before heading back to the homestay for a hearty dinner.
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Kaza at a Glance


The heart of the surreal Spiti Valley, Kaza is rough snow-clad mountains, sparkling blue streams, and colourful little settlements. Perched at an elevation of 3800 m, it is the gateway to the valley’s prolific wonders.
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Explore Hikkim, Komic and Langza

Day 6

1. Begin your day with a local spread of homemade breakfast. Today, you’ll step out to explore three enthralling villages of the Spiti Circuit, Hikkim, Komic, and Langza. 2. Come back after an exciting day out just in time for a pleasant dinner. 3. Make sure to gaze at the starry skies before you fall asleep, a must-do when in the valley of prolific natural wonders.
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Hikkim at a Glance


Hikkim is known for its iconic post office, the highest in the world, while Komic is home to the ancient Tangyud Monastery, covered in historical tales of monks. Langza, on the other hand, harbours the 1000-year old statue of Lord Buddha that stuns travellers. Throughout the stretch, the views are incredible, with hairpin bends, 1000 ft road drops, and terrific views of prominent Himalayan peaks.
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Exploration in Hikkim and return to Kaza

Day 7

1. Wake up to a fulfilling breakfast for yet another day of checking epic places off your bucket list. 2. Today, you’ll be visiting the legendary monuments of Key Monastery & Chicham Bridge. 3. Have lunch at Hikkim and come back to Kaza by sundown. 4. Spend your evening hours at leisure in the market and end your day with a nice, warm dinner at the homestay.
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Towards Kalpa


Day 8

1. We leave from Kaza to Kalpa. On the way, we cover Nako, a tiny settlement with a Gompa, an emerald-coloured sacred lake, and mandatory valley views. 2. Post lunch, we continue our ride to Kalpa, where we reach and check-in by 7 PM. 3. Unwind and dine with a view of the fort, and then indulge in a pleasant storytelling session before you call it a night.
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Kalpa at a Glance
A bucolic hamlet by the Sutlej river, Kalpa treats you with an encompassing view of the Kinnaur Kailash peaks. It is known for its temples, fort, snow-clad views, and mesmerising sunsets.
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Sweet End

Day 9

1. After the final group breakfast, leave from Kalpa to Shimla, with a break in Rampur for lunch. 2. Bid goodbye to the extraordinary landscape as it gradually changes from a parched brown to a lively green. 3. Part ways at Shimla, promising to yourself more epic journeys in the future.
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Carry your Covid-19 Reports
All travellers are mandated to carry a COVID-19 negative RT-PCR test report from an authorised laboratory. The report must not be older than 72 hours while entering the border of Spiti Valley.
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Things to Carry
The minimum temperature drops to -15 degrees Celcius. Have enough layers to keep warm, including a fleece, sweatshirt, winter coat, thermals, and woollens. Other things that may come in handy include sturdy hiking boots, torchlight, umbrella, sunscreen, personal meds, and toiletries.
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Stay with us at Zostel and with trusted partners at all other locations. Zostel Chitkul, Hotel Prakasha Regency (Sangla), Zostel Homes Tabo, Nono Homestay(Kaza) and Monal Regency Kalpa Homestay. You shall be provided with a bed in a dorm room/hall or with private rooms on a sharing basis, depending upon the limited availability at destinations.
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