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Our Stunning Abode in Divar Island

Priced At 840
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If there is any place that synchronizes perfectly with the warm vibes of Divar Island, it is Moradia Dos Quadros bungalow. When we stumbled upon this gem of a place, we knew we had to stay here. On reaching, we realized that the property looked much show more

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Moradia Dos Quadros ,goa

There are two houses in the gated property and both are equally pretty. They have 8 rooms in total named after famous Goan neighborhoods - Baga, Anjuna, Colva, Vagator, Candolim, Bogmalo, Calangute, and Varca.
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North Goa
This is the main bungalow named North Goa Mansion. The host and owner Neves Quadros resides here. You will see a gorgeous grand entrance with Portuguese-style architecture welcoming you. There are different types of rooms to choose from depending on your budget and comfort. 
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South Goa
This is an Indo-Portuguese style house. It is suitable for backpackers or college students. These well-appointed petit rooms, come with teak-wood furnishings and are quite sufficient as well as easy on the pocket, but note that they aren't air-conditioned.
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Interiors and Common Areas
We loved how the entire bungalow is adorned with the gorgeous antique collection and fine wood furniture. Guests have access to the entire house, kitchen, hall, terrace, outdoors, etc. Then there is this open elongated porch surrounding the house on all sides and has cute sitting chairs and tables. We spent so much time on the porch, just sitting and listening to the birds chirping. It was also great fun and lovely to hear some local stories from the host himself.
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Baga - Our Room
We stayed in Baga - a comfortable double room with a shared balcony that overlooked the vast fields. This balcony is strategically built facing east so that, as a bonus, guests could catch the sunrise from the comfort of their rooms!
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Old-World Charm
The kitchen is huge with separate storage and dining areas. There are two huge refrigerators- one for the host, the other for the guests. You can store your stuff in the guest fridge, which is also stocked with a lot of stuff available for you to purchase and use. Beers, sausages, nuggets, etc. There is also a huge box next to the guest's fridge with all different sorts of chips, biscuits, instant noodles, etc. You can cook your mini-meals with stuff available in the pantry.
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The Honesty Policy
You may wonder, how does Neves keep a tab on what is used when by the guests? Well, he doesn't. There is a register kept next to the fridge titled - The Honesty Book. Guests are to make an entry of the stuff they take and mention the quantity against it every time they take something. When you check-out, all that Neves does is sees your entries, calculates the amount and you pay- 'No Questions Asked'. 
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Outdoor Wonders
Move over from the interiors and there's a whole lot to explore outdoors too. A woody garden area with swings and hammocks, a couple's bench, a stone artwork, and much more. Neves had built this home with such lovely accents that there's no corner you look at and not say wow! We wish we had more time to spend here.
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Our Experience
We had booked just a day's stay but Neves' hospitality made us extend our stay. He also gave us an upgrade for free (we had booked a non-ac room and he said we should take the ac one), which was so kind of him. On arrival, he handed us a hand-drawn map of Divar Island which had mentions of all the different routes and prominent places to see, which made going around hassle-free.
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Selfie Point :)
Given a chance, we would have stayed at Divar Island for more days, such is the charm of the place. We promised Neves to return again, and we'll surely do that as soon as we can.
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