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Priced At 8,355/ person

Say Hello to Wildlife at Badhra!

Re-energize your mind with the peacefulness of nature - @feetbeyondroads

Priced At 8,355/person
An influencer trip by Neha Sharma16.9K followersTravel Blogger
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2 nights
River Tern Lodge is a delightful property situated in Tarikere, Chikmagalur. Known for its enormously ravishing mountains and pleasant scenes, this spot is ideal for nature lovers. Encircled by the great Western Ghats, River Tern Lodge is perfect fo show more

Trip Itinerary

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Check-in at 12.30 Pm

The River Tern Lodge - Junglelodges

Day 1

Settle down and freshen up!
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At 1.30 Pm
Treat yourself to a sumptuous lunch at the Gol Ghar. Soon after this, gear up for a ride into the Party with tea/ coffee served at the reception.
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At 3.30 Pm
The naturalists take you on a wildlife safari in a jeep or a boat into the Bhadra Tiger Reserve showing & sharing their experiences and information about the jungle and all the animals that live there. The Reserve is situated around 4 km, an incredible spot to experience dazzling wild creatures in their common environment. The experience is special, exciting, and very charming. 
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At 6.30 Pm
We return back to our stay and have a cup of tea/ coffee.
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At 7.30 Pm
As wildlife is the main focus here, you'll see a beautiful documentary manifesting the exquisiteness of the Reserve.
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At 8.30 Pm
Bask in the warmth of the campfire, while you dine in the Gol Ghar, exchanging tales of the jungle!
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At 6.30 Am

Day 2

After waking up and feeling the tranquil vibes of the area, we jump on a Jeep/ Boat Safari.
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At 8.30
We go back to the Gol Ghar to have our breakfast. The camp also permits guests to encounter sports like kayaking, sailing, and swimming.
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Check-out at 11 Am
In the event that you need to encounter the wilderness living at its best, an outing to River Tern Lodge is an unquestionable requirement. The remarkable wilderness with animals and superb mountains as the scenery is an encounter you won’t have any desire to pass up. 
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Comfortable Rooms
The rooms come with air-conditioned, hot water, housekeeping, balcony, electric kettle, with other personal services. Even the food is simple and delicious!
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