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Tropical Outing In A Beach Resort

Short Itinerary for a Relaxing Time - @feetbeyondroads

Priced At 5,316/person
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2 nights
Devbagh is a delightful beachfront resort in Karnataka. The seafront in the area is quiet and perfect, the protection of the surroundings is unblemished and the beach is entrancing. Devbagh is a calm break from the bustling city life in Karnataka. T show more

Trip Itinerary

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Check-in at 12.30

Devbagh Beach Resort

Day 1

Settle down and freshen up!
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At 1.30 Pm
Treat yourself to a sumptuous lunch at the Gol Ghar and prepare yourself for a ride into the beach with tea/ coffee served at the Gol Ghar.
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At 4.30 Pm
Devbagh offers an ideal mix of experience and serenity. For individuals who love adventures, watersports like swimming, parasailing, speedboat travels, and banana boat rides are accessible. Travellers have the opportunity to take part in these activities. All security means are kept up while leading the water sports activities.
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At 7.30 Pm
Indulge in a cozy bonfire on the beach with some barbecued delicacies to be served! Shortly after, a buffet dinner will be presented on the beach.
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Wake up at 6.30 Am for a Nature Walk

Day 2

The Devbagh resort has a decent, loosened up vibe with a beachy subject. The view is breathtaking and ideal for photography. You can likewise hear the invigorating sound of waves from the ocean close by.
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At 8.30
Have a delicious and homely meal in your breakfast! You'll love the quintessential coastal food here.
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Water Ride at 9.30 Am
Devbagh resort wilderness lodges are really something you ought not to pass up, the ideal seaside district for seashore lovers. This seashore side area is grand and amazingly enchanting. If you are lucky you can even spot Dolphins.
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Comfortable Rooms with Great Hospitality
Each room has a hammock that permits tourists to rest and unwind, and there are bonfires each night to absorb the embodiment of the woodland alongside the tranquil sound of the ocean.
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The entire climate at the Devbagh resort makes the entire travel experience better and noteworthy.
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